2018 Virtues Summit

Bringing curriculum and industry together

2018 Virtues Summit

Bringing curriculum and industry together

2018 Virtues Summit

Bringing curriculum and industry together

2018 Virtues Summit

Bringing curriculum and industry together

The 2018 Virtues Summit will focus on one of the primary needs identified for higher education—strategic coordination between academia and industry. The aim is to develop experienced students and establish Virginia as the nation’s premier provider of the top candidates in emerging technologies.

At a time when colleges and universities are trying to keep pace with the rapidly changing needs in industry, it is increasingly important to bridge the gap between academia and the business world. In order to match student capacities to industry needs and requirements, we must first clarify those needs and requirements. Companies must play a role in creating relevant curriculum and, in turn, colleges and universities must become adeptly responsive to industry needs.

In 2015, 4-VA at JMU began building a statewide network to develop undergraduate courses that collaborate with industry experts and give students the skills to solve real world problems. Since then, two additional Virginia universities have joined our shared courses through telepresence. With this infrastructure in place, it’s an opportune time for professionals to inform curriculum with their current and anticipated needs.

We invite administrators, faculty and students from universities across the commonwealth, industry professionals who are eager to advise undergraduate curriculum with their needs, and anyone else interested in these topics.

Tentative Agenda

March 1, 2018

5-8pm Reception

6pm Welcome remarks

March 2, 2018

8:30-4pm TBD


Outside Attendees

Parking for both days will be available in lot R-2. This will be the parking lot next to Starbucks off Port Republic Road. A map of parking lots can be found here (R-2 is in square A-8). No parking permits will be necessary. Signs will be posted to guide you across the street to Lakeview Hall.

The GPS address for the parking lot is as follows:

1346 Hillside Ave.
Harrisonburg, VA 22807

JMU Attendees

All regulations for JMU students, faculty and staff will remain in effect, and students attending the event are required to park in appropriate student parking lots with a JMU parking permit.



For any questions regarding the 2018 Virtues Summit, including application questions and sponsorship inquiries, please contact Emily Winter:

Email: winterea@jmu.edu
Phone: 540-568-7447