Graham M. Bundy, a thoracic surgeon with HCA Virginia Physicians’ Cardiothoracic Surgical Associates, is the first such surgeon in Central Virginia to perform 100 minimally-invasive Da Vinci robot-assisted lobectomies (a surgical procedure to remove a lobe of the lung). The procedure is used to treat multiple types of conditions but is most often used to treat lung cancer.

“The da Vinci robot is an excellent surgical tool that allows our team to offer a completely minimally invasive technique to treat lung cancer as well as other conditions in the chest,” said Bundy. “Ultimately, this allows our patients to recover more quickly and with less pain and blood loss than traditional open techniques. We believe this allows patients a quicker return to their usual activities, such as working and driving.”

Traditionally, a lobectomy was done during a surgery called a thoracotomy, during which the chest is opened. Due to the invasive nature of the procedure, this traditional approach results in greater blood loss, greater risk of infection and a more lengthy recovery. It is typically among one of the most painful procedures for the patient.

According to Bundy, performing a lobectomy using the da Vinci robot enables the surgeon to perform the procedure with precision and accuracy using minimally invasive incisions, resulting in less trauma and blood loss to the patient. The robotic-assisted technique also results in better surgical outcomes, decreased risk of infection, less painful recovery and a shorter hospital stay for the patient.

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