Each Spring, students across the country compete in robotics competitions. The initiatives develop proficiencies in STEM. But they also foster business skills, collaboration and community engagement. 88.9 WCVE’s Catherine Komp spent time with one Richmond team and files this report for Virginia Currents.


At Maggie Walker Governor’s school, the robotics team has just a few hours left before a competition.

Student: Can you enable the robot?

The team, called the Mech Tech Dragons adjusts the pneumatics and works out a bug in the code. This year’s robot is named Zenith and it needs to shoot balls into an eight foot tall receptacle, transport gears and climb a rope. The First Robotics Competition is intense. Students start in January, pouring through more than 100 pages of rules and specifications. They have just six weeks to build the robot used in competition. Panth Doshi is a senior and the team’s CEO.

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