Understanding how professionals are actually using UAVs is a critical consideration for anyone wanting or trying to properly leverage the technology. What does it actually mean for someone to use a drone in the field? Will utilizing a UAV create efficiencies that can be quantified? How is all of that impacting the bottom line for the project? These are questions professionals want and need to have answered, but the challenges associated with doing so stem from the fact that all of this is new technology. It’s not as if working professionals learned about how they could or should be using the technology when they were in school.

That won’t be the case in the near future though, as various programs and universities are working to integrate drone technology in an active way into what students are learning in the classroom. Doing so isn’t just about using drones though, because the reality is that UAVs will soon be thought of as just another tool. Before that happens professionals will need to have a nuanced understanding around how the technology can be leveraged, and that’s exactly what’s happening in courses at West Point and Virginia Commonwealth University.

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